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Securing a high search engine ranking through organic search is much harder now than it used to be only a few years back. Because of fierce competition, receiving users’ attention has become a constant battle you need to fight daily through every possible means.

Seotonomy is the army you need to win this battle. We have a well prepared team of IT geeks, passionate and creative professionals that will use their most valuable weapons: SEO expertise, IT experience and commitment.

We aim high with each customer and our main goal is to put you on the map of search engines through fast responses, improved performances and multiple C Class IPs. We are one of the most reliable and affordable SEO hosting companies on the market that works in a transparent manner.

Through our SEO Hosting services, we aim to help improve our customers’ visibility and increase the overall quality of their website.


What is SEO hosting?

Everybody already knows what SEO is, but what is SEO hosting? SEO hosting is the next level of SEO, a step towards the improvement of your websites’ rankings, and of course, one step closer to your business’ development and success.

How does this work? Unlike traditional SEO, our SEO hosting services help you improve your search engine rankings because your websites can be hosted on one server, but have different IPs. The catch is to make search engines believe that all those websites located on the same server, but with different IPs, are not linked.

It has now been proved that a big difference is made by C Class IPs. We make sure that you’ll receive different C Class IP Addresses to host your domains. Having multiple C Class IP Addresses will get you a better ranking structure for your website. Without a proper separation of your IPs, your links can be discontinued or, in some cases, can get penalized by the search engines. This is something you definitely need to avoid and we are here to support and assist in these changes.

Traditional SEO might just work, but why not take everything a step forward and take the lead with SEO hosting, put yourself above your competition with a full range of services that can guarantee your growth.


Our Skills

Seotonomy is the future of SEO Hosting because the weapons we use to fight this constant battle are

innovation, commitment,the know-how in IT and SEO expertise.

SEO expertise

IT experience



Why SEO Hosting with Seotonomy

You might just ask yourself: “Why would I need something different? I already have someone in charge of SEO and the traditional way is working just fine”. Our question is: why settle with “just fine”? You need to aim for perfection and this means keeping track of every detail.

Unless you want to get stuck in the past, you might need to reconsider your strategy. This is a fast growing industry, where everything is developing so quickly that the online surfers could have problems keeping up the pace. You are a PRO, so behave like one and get ahead of everyone on the market. We have the intuition that helps us foresee the changes you need for your brand.

This is what our SEO hosting services can do for your websites and your business:

Best time response

We can help you increase the response time of your website and the speed. You cannot afford one second of delay, so we make sure there is minimal downtime and fast load times on your web pages. Page response makes a great difference in any SEO campaign and can also make a big difference in your CTR, conversion rate and ROI.

Knowledge and technology

We are the biggest geeks of SEO Hosting so we are always researching the latest technologies and resources that can bring something new to your website. Whether we are talking about new apps that can get you where you want to go, or the appropriate hardware that can add value to your business, our purpose is to keep you informed, so that you can make the best decisions.

Uninterrupted uptime

Websites are a great source of income and this is why uptime, speed and reliability are pure gold. We are making sure that the slightest problem on your website won’t affect your rankings and won’t get you on the blacklist of search engines. The wrong error message when your page is temporary down can cost you the position on search engines and you can suddenly become invisible. We are making sure this will never happen by closely monitoring these risks.

Multiple C Class IPs

With our C Class IP Services, we can guarantee a boost for your websites’ rankings. Through this service, you can master the secrets of great rankings and place yourself on the top of the list of the best search engines around the world. We have customized packages that will suit your online needs. Whether you have several blogs where you need to draw visitors or a more advanced system that requires a greater range of C Class IPs, we are prepared to offer you the best deal on the market.


Seotonomy is here to take you out of the herd and make you stand out from the crowd the right way.



per month + € 250 startup fee
  • 50 IP’s
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 25 GB Storage
  • 100 Mbps speed

Dedicated 1


per month + € 250 startup fee
  • 500 IP’s
  • Xeon E3-1230
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 2 x 1 TB (HW Raid)
  • 100 Mbps speed



Shared SEO Hosting

Our shared IP hosting service is a great option for low budget businesses or startups, because through this service your website can be hosted on IPs that are also used by other clients. This way the cost is shared between those using the same IP.

We offer customized IP packages so you can find the one that suits your needs. You can get the smallest pack today and after you have seen the expected results you can upgrade to a more complex offer.

Sign up for this service to get the best of our offers delivered by experienced specialists who are renowned for their reliability.

Dedicated SEO Hosting

This service will guarantee you IPs that are fully dedicated to your needs and no other website will have the same IPs as you do. For more complex needs for your company, we can build the server that is more useful and appropriate. Our team will make sure it can perform the changes and implement them by sticking to the service level agreements (SLA).

The dedicated hosting service is based on a reliable and safe network which uses bandwidth from the largest providers that guarantee secure and stable uptime.



The Virtual Private Server is the service that will get you your own partitioned server. This is a service that gives your freedom and flexibility because you can customize and manage the configuration of your VPS. With Seotonomy, you can get VPS servers at the right price and the best performance. They are simple to configure and maintain, so you will don’t lose time with complicated technologies and settings.

With VPS SEO Hosting, you have greater resources and dedicated IPs which will enable you to better manage and control your websites. This is for you if your websites need to handle heavy traffic and rapid growth. You don’t need special experience in handling servers because our Virtual SEO servers are ready to be used and already managed.

Dedicated SEO Servers

Our dedicated SEO servers give you full control and unrestricted access to a wide variety of Operating Systems, latest hardware and immense flexibility. Everything depends on your preferences and your needs. We are here to advise when you are in doubt and to provide your dedicated server. Even though it might seem tricky at first, don’t panic because we are always ready to assist you throughout the entire process.


We have the answers you want and the solutions you need, so don’t hesitate to contact our technical or sales team for more information on our packages and services. Still undecided? Call, fill in the form or drop us a line by mail!


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